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Oct 2020 (Mid)

Jobs, mental health and the environment: What MPs said in the debate on Singapore's post-pandemic strategy

SINGAPORE: A total of 22 Members of Parliament (MPs) spoke on Wednesday (Oct 14) in response to Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat’s ministerial ...

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Don't buy the stock market hype around coronavirus vaccine and treatment companies

The world is waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine or more evidence that other treatments can be effective against coronavirus. But recent setbacks have made investors nervous -- and that's why experts say people shouldn't bet on vaccine winners and losers.

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China's yuan will rally despite the central bank's moves to curb its strength, analysts say

The Chinese yuan will continue to strengthen against the U.S. dollar, even as China's central bank has taken steps to curb its currency appreciation, analysts said.

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How to deal with eczema if wearing masks and washing hands make you itch

There's been a rise in patients with eczema problems after the "circuit breaker". You might want to bring your own liquid soap and hand moisturiser, and speak to the doctor for help...

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