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Dec 2021 (End)

Commentary: Why China continues to rise


Contrary to popular belief in the west, Chinese economic policy is not shifting towards isolationism, but instead towards self-reliance, as the Middle Kingdom realises the potential of its domestic market amidst the pandemic and international trade tensions, according to Chinese economist.

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Commentary: Retirement is a chance to find a new purpose and identity

It is common to think of retirement planning as a purely financial one – to ensure you have enough. But this is only one part of the equation says an SUSS gerontology researcher.

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China's industrial profit growth tumbles as raw material prices fall


China's red-hot factory-gate inflation cooled slightly in November, driven by a government crackdown on runaway commodity prices and an easing power crunch.

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Three reasons the IMF is worried about cryptocurrencies

The IMF is concerned about cryptocurrencies, particularly because the market is growing at a significant pace.

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