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Feb 2022 (End)

Asian stock markets sink, oil hits 7-year high as Ukraine crisis escalates


Repercussions from likely sanctions from the West, higher energy and commodity prices could hit global economic recovery... 

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Stocks set for a painful week as conflict intensifies; bonds to gain


LONDON : World markets were set for another tumultuous week after Western nations announced a harsh set of sanctions to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and as fighting intensified for a fourth day.U.S. stocks have fallen nearly 8per cent so far this year...

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Dow falls more than 460 points as Russia-Ukraine worries sink sentiment | CNN Business


Wall Street's attempt for a Wednesday rally failed, with stocks closing broadly lower on continued worries about the likelihood of an imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

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China has already won, and lost, in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine throws mud at President Xi Jinping’s feet. China’s primary pillar of its foreign policy is “non-interference”: the idea sovereignty is sacrosanct, which resonates with many developing countries sick of being lectured by the West. Now, with explosions rocking the capital Kyiv, Chinese diplomats... 

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