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May 2022 (End)

Competitor Airline Capacity Cuts Gives Singapore Airlines A Boost

Singapore Airlines is flying high once again and benefitting from competitors still bypassing Singapore or reducing their services there... 

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CNA Explains: Why is the ringgit so weak and what does it mean for Malaysia’s economy?

What has the Malaysian government done to ease depreciation pressure? Would pegging the ringgit to the US dollar help? CNA asks the experts... 

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Why the looming bear market will be different | CNN Business

When a bear market arrives, it's not pretty, especially for investors making short-term decisions. But it happens — and a recovery arrives eventually...

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Singapore maintains 2022 growth forecast at 3-5%, expects growth to be at 'lower half' of this range

SINGAPORE: Singapore has maintained its full-year economic forecast for 2022 at 3 per cent to 5 per cent but is expecting growth to come in “at the lower half” of this forecast range amid a weaker outlook...

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